Bachelor of Fine Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Graduated - May, 2013

Merit Scholarship recipient, Emphasis in Animation and Illustration

Bachelor of Arts, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Graduated- May 2010

Magna Cum Laude, Africana Studies, Certificate in Asian Studies  

Work Experience

National Anti-Vivisection Society

February 2018- March 2018

Freelance Animator, Illustrator, and Motion Graphics Designer

3 Reasons to End Animal Experimentation Now: Animator, Illustrator, and Motion Graphics Designer on video detailing why animal experimentation is no longer needed. This video featured 2D motion graphics, original, hand drawn illustrations, and 2D animation. 

Odd Machine

2014- present

Art Department, Prop Stylist, Art Lead, Freelance Animator

Set decorator, prop stylist, and art department lead on numerous shoots. 

  • Caterpillar”Fluridium”: Art production on 2 separate videos for Caterpillar Inc.

  • Kiwi: Art production work on 12 product videos for both national and international use focusing primarily on shoes and the uses of Kiwi shoe polish and the release of their new line of products.

  • Plege: Art production on multiple product photoshoot for Pledge’s new print ad campaign.

  • Intouch/ Gilead: Prop Stylist and Art Lead for a series of four videos focusing on educating medical professionals on new research regarding HIV/AIDs. Whisked Away: Animator on a small team for a nationally aired commercial for Illinois State Tourism. Project was completed on time, despite limited time, a small budget, and numerous story changes


Freelance Artist and Animator

December 2017

Livongo Holiday Card: Create a watercolor illustration for their holiday card sent out to donors and clients as well as a 4 second animated gif based on the watercolor illustration 

DePaul University

Freelance Stop Motion Animator and Motion Graphics Designer

October 2017-November 2017

You Are: Stop motion animator, art producer, set designer, and motion graphics designer on a 2 minute animated video sent to thousands of donors. The initial concept of the video was created by their Donor Relations Department.

Humana and Livongo

Animator and Motion Graphics Artist

March 2016-April 2016

Created a hand drawn animated intro for, and added motion graphics to, Livongo and Humana's new line of 6 diabetes coaching videos. 

Italian Expo

Graphic Designer

August 2016-June 2017

Created marketing and event branding materials, client project proposals, streamlined branding across all platforms, designed logos, wine labels, invitations and any other marketing or branding materials needed for clients, video and photo editing, and art show curation assistance. 


June 2013- September 2014

Co-Founder, President, Animator, & Business Operations

At BAWSY, I executed time and budget management as well being project manager for each production- ensuring that every project that we undertook hit continuous deadlines and came in under budget. Underground Multiplex: Head of Writing, Set Design, Editing, Directing, Animating, Production Schedules, Budget, Project Manager 

  • David Huntsberger’s The Junk Show: Part IV: Director, Head Animator, Head of Prop

  • Department, Set Design, Puppets, Character Design, Budget, Project Manager

  • David Huntsberger’s Animated Stand Up Special: Director, Head Animator, Head of Prop

  • Department, Storyboard Artist, Production Schedule, Project Manager, Editor

  • Blobs Short: Writer, Director, Head of Character and Set Design, Head Animator

  • S2F2: The Scored Silent Film Festival: Project Manager

Elephant Pictures

March 2013-April 2013

Assistant Animator

Timms Valley: Pilot episode produced by IFC. Assistant Stop Motion Animator. 

Short Comics

Self Published, 2010-2015 

Kraft Dinner #1 

Kraft Dinner #2 

Stupid Facts About Birds 

Sir Arkady Sharkhead

Stupid Facts About Whales

Stupid Facts About Science

A Brief History of Beer and It's Glassware

Short comic books sold online, at Quimby’s Comics in Chicago, and at the 2013 Chicago Zine Fest. All are humourous in nature. 

A Leap Of Faith,  2010 

Children’s book about a young girl’s adoption. 25 Paper cut-out illustrations. 


• Highly skilled in many different animation techniques including traditional hand-drawn, stop-motion, flash, after-effects, and other experimental techniques 

• Working knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite, Dragonframe, and Toonboom

• Highly skilled in storyboarding techniques

• Highly skilled in stop-motion puppet and prop construction and set design

• Illustration in many different styles (pen and ink, watercolor, paper cut outs, gouache, etc)

• Cartooning  

• Project Management: budget management, production schedules, business operations, time management

Set Decoration