Bachelor of Fine Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Graduated - May, 2013

Merit Scholarship recipient, Emphasis in Animation and Illustration

Bachelor of Arts, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Graduated- May 2010

Magna Cum Laude, Africana Studies, Certificate in Asian Studies  

Work Experience

Odd Machine

2014- 2017

Art Department, Prop Stylist

Set decorator, prop stylist, and art department lead on numerous shoots. 

Freelance Animator

Whisked Away: Animator on a small team for a nationally aired commercial for Illinois State Tourism. Project was completed on time, despite limited time, a small budget, and numerous story changesBAWSY Animation, LLC



June 2013- September 2014

Co-Founder, President, Animator, & Business Operations

At BAWSY, I executed time and budget management as well being project manager for each production- ensuring that every project that we undertook hit continuous deadlines and came in under budget. Underground Multiplex: Head of Writing, Set Design, Editing, Directing, Animating, Production Schedules, Budget, Project Manager 

  • David Huntsberger’s The Junk Show: Part IV: Director, Head Animator, Head of Prop 
  • Department, Set Design, Puppets, Character Design, Budget, Project Manager 
  • David Huntsberger’s Animated Stand Up Special: Director, Head Animator, Head of Prop 
  • Department, Storyboard Artist, Production Schedule, Project Manager, Editor 
  • Blobs Short: Writer, Director, Head of Character and Set Design, Head Animator 
  • S2F2: The Scored Silent Film Festival: Project Manager 


Elephant Pictures

March 2013-April 2013

Assistant Animator

Timms Valley: Pilot episode produced by IFC. Assistant Stop Motion Animator. 

Short Comics

Self Published, 2010-2015 

Kraft Dinner #1 

Kraft Dinner #2 

Stupid Facts About Birds 

Sir Arkady Sharkhead

Stupid Facts About Whales

Stupid Facts About Science

A Brief History of Beer and It's Glassware

Short comic books sold online, at Quimby’s Comics in Chicago, and at the 2013 Chicago Zine Fest. All are humourous in nature. 

A Leap Of Faith,  2010 

Children’s book about a young girl’s adoption. 25 Paper cut-out illustrations. 


• Highly skilled in many different animation techniques including traditional hand-drawn, stop-motion, flash, after-effects, and other experimental techniques 

• Working knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite, Dragonframe, and Toonboom

• Highly skilled in storyboarding techniques

• Highly skilled in stop-motion puppet and prop construction and set design

• Illustration in many different styles (pen and ink, watercolor, paper cut outs, gouache, etc)

• Cartooning  

• Project Management: budget management, production schedules, business operations, time management

Set Decoration